The Early Days

This was my introduction to the IT world, an Atari 800. It had a 6502 8-bit processor, and 48k of memory

My Computer Beginnings

I would not have guessed at the time, but an interest in computers as a hobby lead me to a career in them.
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Parsons Systems

Current Computer

Today I carry a Dell XPS 13 7390 "2-in-1". It has an Intel Core i7 processor, 16gb memory, and 1 terabyte SDD storage.

My Current Personal Computer

Things have changed a lot since I first got into computers. This is my latest computer of choice. By far, my favorite computer.
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After playing with the new version of WordPress for a few weeks, I decided that I’d try to get a little more serious about things. The old Joomla! site should have gone away a long time ago, so this change was way past due.

I’ve poked around at WordPress for a few years now, but I finally got serious earlier this year when we decided to move the website for the Patriot Guard Riders from vBulletin to WordPress. I used that for a few months just to learn the essentials of what we need for that site. Once things were set up on the PGR site, I decided to totally revamp this site, and use it as a “canvas” to experiment around and learn more about the inner workings of WordPress, without risking issues with the PGR site.

You’ll probably see more changes to the design of the site than actual articles, but I’ll try to update from time to time.

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