The Early Days

This was my introduction to the IT world, an Atari 800. It had a 6502 8-bit processor, and 48k of memory

My Computer Beginnings

I would not have guessed at the time, but an interest in computers as a hobby lead me to a career in them.
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Parsons Systems

Current Computer

Today I carry a Dell XPS 13 7390 "2-in-1". It has an Intel Core i7 processor, 16gb memory, and 1 terabyte SDD storage.

My Current Personal Computer

Things have changed a lot since I first got into computers. This is my latest computer of choice. By far, my favorite computer.
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New Online Home

June 13, 2023
After nearly 6 years with the same web hosting company, it was time for a change.
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Midnight-Writer is Back (Don’t Do What I Did!!)

May 23, 2023
After too many months offline, my blog site is back.
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